The Nuts and Bolts of Consciousness
by Gibran Shah

“Both the philosophically minded and those that have any interest in the mind-matter relationship will find themselves fascinated with the theory advanced in this well-conceived book.”
-Cathy Reyes, Lawyer

“The most insightful and compelling ideas are generated by those following a path they are passionate about. The Nuts and Bolts of Consciousness is the result of a relentless passion for the search for a solution to the mind and matter problem.”
-Darren Hamilton, Philosopher, Lawyer, Psychologist, Computer Scientist

About the Book

Chapter 1: Zombies
The book begins with a critique of physicalism and its approach to the problem of consciousness. Alternatives to physicalism are considered, none of which prove completely satisfactory. The chapter concludes that in order to solve the problem of consciousness, a new theory of substance is required.

Chapter 2: Neuroscience
To gain a handle on the problem of consciousness, it is imperative to understand the brain sciences. Chapter two is devote to this subject.

Chapter 3: Philosophical Background
Carrying on from the brain sciences, chapter 3 switches to a philosophical perspective and addresses some of the questions and issues brought to light in the last chapter.

Chapter 4: The Basic Theory of Mind and Matter
The central theory of this book is presented in chapter 4. The theory is split into two parts: the Basic Theory and the Advanced Theory. The Basic Theory is spelled out in this chapter.

Chapter 5: The Advanced Theory of Mind and Matter
While the previous chapter discusses the relation between consciousness and the brain, chapter 5, in presenting the Advanced Theory, extends the principles and implication of the Basic Theory to matter in general.

Chapter 6: The Paradox of Individuality
The previous two chapters deal with the relation between mind and matter, but do not touch on the question of the self and its role in the mind. Chapter 6 focuses on this question.

Chapter 7: The Universal Mind
If chapter 6 deals with the relation of consciousness to the self, this chapter deals with the relation of consciousness to everything non-self--that is, the universe.

Chapter 8: Conclusion
Chapter 8 is the concluding chapter, summarizing everything said up to this point and leaving the reader with much to contemplate, hopefully enticing him/her to move on to Volumes II and III.